Phonetic Regularity in Welsh Poetry

Toby D. Griffen



Traditional Welsh poetry has been marked by patterns of correspondences among sounds in alliterations and rhyme. Ostensibly, these correspondences have depended upon precise phonetic matches following prescribed patterns. However, throughout the history of Welsh literature, there have been apparent lapses and exceptions to this phonetic regularity. This work proposes that these apparent phonetic irregularities in the history of Welsh literature derive not from the actual acoustic phonetic perceptions of the poets and reciters, but rather from the manner in which we have described the sounds themselves as letters or as phonetic segments. This work is of importance not only to Welsh and Celtic Studies in general, but also to phonetics, linguistics, and poetics.

Table of Contents

                                                            Commendatory Preface
                                                            Chapter 1: The Rules of Cynghanedd
                                                            Chapter 2: The Phonetics
                                                            Chapter 3: Prosodic Alliterations
                                                            Chapter 4: Generic Rhyme and Alliteration
                                                            Chapter 5: Epenthesis and Mesotomy
                                                            Chapter 6: Nonsyllabics
                                                            Chapter 7: The “Exceptions”
                                                            Chapter 8: The Accent Rule of Cynghanedd
                                                            Chapter 9: Implications for Poetry and Phonology

ISBN 0-7734-6377-1

Published by:

     Edwin Mellen Press (Lampeter, Wales)

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