Here are some items that are available for Scouts and Scouters who may be interested in them.

1.   The Nocturnal
This includes a nocturnal dial and instructions for telling time by the stars. It was developed for a Scout Leader Retreat in 2007.

2.   Boy Scout Vocabulary: English-German, German-English
This is a .doc file with a short vocabulary of German terms that a Boy Scout Interpreter would find useful in communicating with German Scouts. It includes some scouting/camping terms as well as emergency medical terms that the Scout would probably not have learned in high-school German classes. It was developed for the Wood Badge Class C-44-07.
Please note that this is set up to be printed as a folded booklet. On your printing options, choose two-sided duplexing.

3.   The Wise Panther: A Meditation
This meditation was given in the instructional interfaith religious service for Wood Badge Class C-44-07.

4. Interfaith Service
A complete interfaith service developed in the Wood Badge Class C-44-07. This is in a ZIP file.

5.   How to Run a Meeting
This is a handout given to participants in a training session for the Nisha Kittan (#114) Lodge Executive Committee  of the Order of the Arrow on 17 October 2009. It is left in Word document format so that it can be easily adapted to use by local Scouting organizations. It is set up for double-sided printing as a 4-page pamphlet (check "manual duplex" in printing options).